Parent Endorsed

A Great Educational Tool

“Kay Linda Nord ha logrado escribir un libro atractivo y motivante, las aventuras de Tim y Kim, narradas a traves de dialogos bilingues y bellas ilustraciones, es una historia pedagogica y con un final feliz. Un pequeño libro para que los padres lean a sus hijos pequeños y para que se lea en la escuela en las clases de español o de ingles. Un libro siempre es un tesoro y Kay Linda Nord nos brinda un pequeño tesoro úpara los estudiantes que desean ser bilingues y una ayuda en la ensenanza del español y del ingles para profesores y padres de familia.”

Bernardo Mendez Lugo
Tuscon, Az

“I think this is a great book to teach kids that differences benefit everyone. Not only does it give you clear examples of this, it is written in a way that makes it easy to read it in English or Spanish! I can't wait for my child to be old enough to enjoy the various aspects of Tim & Kim's lives!”

Elsie Rebolloso
Austin, TX

“My children attend a bilingual school.  This book is a great tool to help them excel!  Thanks a million!"

Natalie Stillman
San Diego, CA

“Que buen idea para familias que hablan Español Mexicano.  Thank you for providing this option.”

Juan Torres
San Antonio, TX

"This book is certainly overdue in today's diverse society and it is so very well conceived.  What a special gift this will make to those children that live in the US and need the current and acceptable Spanish terminology for their basic and elementary vocabularies."

Lynda Garcia
Vista, CA

“Tim and Kim is a great way to learn Spanish or English. The illustrations are first rate and the writing hits the mark for clarity, for easy learning.”

Russell Traughber
Orange County, CA

"This book is great for both adults and kids.  Kids will love the story and photos plus increase their exposure to Spanish.  Adults will love the fact that you can practice your Spanish in a visual and conversational way."

Crista McClure-Swan
Vista, CA

"I wish I could find more books out there like this.  It is exactly what I look for when purchasing books to read to my kids."

Fabiola Ortiz, Mundo Mami
Carlsbad, CA

“Es tan importante que los niños desde pequeños empiecen a asimilar y aprender los dos idiomas mas usuales de America.  Y es una lastima que muchos hijos de latinos que viven en los Estados Unidos ya no hablan el Español.”

Jose Jimenez
San Diego, CA


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