Kay Linda Nord

Tim and Kim/Tim y Kim

Kay Linda Nord was born in the cross cultural town of Brownsville, TX… the daughter of an American father and a Mexican mother… where her whole childhood was immersed in the rich diversity of a bilingual home.  As a dual citizen (Mexican and American), Nord felt it important that young children be exposed to both languages at an early age… and that the language exposure reflect the realities of both American English and Mexican Spanish as opposed to the traditional Castilian translations presented in more formal educational settings.  Kay Linda Nord lives in San Diego with her husband and two year old son and has planned a series of on-going American/Mexican cross cultural bilingual educational tools for young children.  Nord was motivated to create this series because she found that all readily available Spanish language books for very young children did not reflect the oral Mexican Spanish that she was teaching her young son. Kay Linda Nord feels strongly that bilingual oral and reading skills are best nurtured when both the spoken and written words are consistent and in the real context of a young child's life.


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